We Be Jammin'

And we be preservin'. But we don't be jelly'n.

You may be asking 'Dude, what's you're problem with jelly?'

Personal preference. I like the flavor and texture better.

Preserves are made with fruit pieces, and jam with fruit puree. Jelly, in case you're wondering, is made with fruit juice and seems too...Jello-y.

So let's weigh 'em in...

  • SMUCKERS...$2.84 18oz/15.8 per oz

  • GREAT VALUE...$1.96 18oz/10.9 per oz

  • BONNE MAMAN...$4.34 13oz/33.4 per oz

  • KNOTTS BERRY FARM...$2.76 16oz/17.2 per oz

What I Saw...

The jars are very similar, except for Bonne Maman, which is definitely trying for a more homemade look. Also, Knotts Berry Farm is a sneaky 16oz instead of 18.

Yeah, I know Bonne Maman is only 13oz, but it is packaged as a specialty brand and not trying to act all 'look at me!.. I'm 18oz just like the others'

Inside the jar, all are a shiny, deep red color. Smuckers being perhaps a bit more pinkish and cloudy than the other three.

Smuckers is Reaaaady to Ruuuumble!

Smuckers enters the ring as a solid contender.

I first opened the jars unrefrigerated, and Smuckers was the only one I could have poured out of the jar, so it seems to be slightly thinner than the others.

Cold, it was as solid as the others and had a nice strawberry flavor. The flavor was strong and would hold up its end in a PBJ .

The sweetness that comes with jams and preserves is balanced here by a very slight fresh strawberry style tartness.

Smuckers also spread evenly and smoothly on a soft slice of bread.

Um...Not So Great...

Walmart's Great Value brand is usually a solid choice. In this case, not so much.

It smelled great when I opened the jar..like strawberry candy. But I noticed immediately the preserves were clumpy and stiff. My first taste was not good. After the sweet taste, there was little strawberry flavor, followed by a slightly unpleasant taste I can't identify.


Being preserves, there were small bits of fruit, but the pieces were not particularly helpful.

This product also did not spread well onto bread, going on clumpy and uneven. I've noticed this problem with other store brand jams and preserves as well.

To be fair, I'm sure it would be fine on a kids PBJ.

Cela Coûte Trop Cher!

This French import actually came to fight!

These preserves have a very nice strawberry flavor, and a silky texture that feels great in your mouth, as well as makes it spread nicely. There is a good amount of fruit pieces present and the fruit seems to be of good quality. I will say, that even tho it ties for most sugar with Smuckers, this one tastes the sweetest by far.

Knotty Knotty!

The trend of companies subtly making their product smaller to avoid a higher price point is annoying. (I'm looking at you ice cream, tuna ) So I'm already irked with you KBF.

Moving on to the contents of that sneakily smaller jar...

The 16 oz that you do get is good. Except for being a bit more dense, it's very similar to Smuckers. So similar, in fact, that it triggered me to go internet detective. Yep. Knotts Berry Farm jams are owned by Smuckers.

And The Winner Is...

If taste alone decided a grapple, I'd have to give the edge to Bonne Maman. I'd say it's a bit better than Smuckers. But, we're trying to figure out the best product for your dollar.

Bonne Maman is twice as expensive per oz as Smuckers and is not anywhere close to being twice as good. I'm not sure it's even good enough to recommend as an occasional treat on Biscuit Saturdays. ( I'd rather use the money for a good butter)

Great Value was never in the fight, and Knotts is similar to Smuckers, but cost more.

Good ol Smuckers wins this grapple! A solid mix of quality and price takes the belt.

I now have 3 jars of open jam/preserves in my refrigerator ( 4 if you count Great Value ).

You're all invited to Biscuit Saturday!

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