Today's Battle: Pancake Syrup!

(EDIT: This post was created when Aunt Jemima was Aunt Jemima and before she changed her name to Pearl Milling Company, which I'm sure offends oysters.)

This is a dream come true...what pre-teen boy didn't fantasize about Mrs. Butterworth and AuntJemima squaring off in syrupy I right guys? ....guys?

Let's go to the tale of the tape; we'll start with the ladies...

: 24oz/ $2.44 / 100 cal per 2Tblsp

Mrs Buttersworths : 24oz/ $2.32 / 110 cal per 2Tblsp

Great Value (Walmart brand) : 24oz/ $1.98 / 100 cal per 2Tblsp

LogCabin : 24oz/ $2.98 /110 cal per 2Tblsp

What I Saw...

I'll tell you what I saw alright! I saw all 3 of the syrups are listed as 24oz, or 710 mL....but Great Value, while still listed at 24 oz is only 709 mL!!! What kinda trickery is that? As an American, I have no idea what an mL is, but I want mine back! I'm watching you Walmart.

In the bottle, Log Cabin is more of a dark amber color, as opposed to the deep, opaque, brown of the other three.

I poured an equal amount of each syrup on to a plate. Mrs. Butterworth appears the thickest and darkest, followed by GV and Aunt Jemima. Log Cabin is the thinnest and begins to spread quickly. When I tip the plate up, Mrs. Butterworth tries to hold her position before slowly crawling down the plate. GV and aunt Jemima move a bit a dead heat. Log Cabin however, sprints down the plate.

The Champion Enters the Ring...

Aunt Jemima outsells all other brands by a wide margin. In fact, it outsells Log Cabin and Mrs. B combined.

When I tasted it from a spoon (don't lie, I know you all eat syrup by the spoonful), it had a slight mapley flavor. There didn't seem to be any depth in the flavor, and that slight mapley flavor was quick to give way to the taste of sucking on a sugar cube (don't lie, I know you all suck on sugar cubes). I thought AJ was the sweetest of the four syrups, and surprised to find it was only third in added sugar.

I'm wondering if the lack of other flavors is what makes the plain sweetness seem so dominant.

Ms. Jemima did a decent job of not sinking into my pancakes and turning them to mush.

At A Buck 98, Walmart's Brand has a Fighting Chance...

It seems to me that the Great Value brand often offers a solid, if not top-performing product. And if it's not a great value... it's a pretty good one.

This syrup is similar in thickness to Aunt Jemima, and it might be just as sweet too, but it differs in that it has a buttery, maple taste to balance the flavor a bit more. I liked its full-flavored taste and it's ability to not sink into my pancakes immediately.

Mrs. Butterworth's is Worthy...

I was immediately struck by the full flavor of this syrup. It has a full maple flavor, as well as a good buttery taste. There is also a molasses taste that gives the syrup a nice depth of flavors.

Mrs. B is by far the thickest of the syrups and did a good job coating the top of my pancakes, without being immediately absorbed.

Mrs. B also has the most added sugar by a pretty good amount.

Log Cabin: The Grail of my Youth

I grew up in a home stocked with store brand items, back when store brands were not necessarily praised for their quality. When I stayed over at a friend's, and they had Log Cabin for their Eggos, it was breakfast heaven and I always accepted that stay-over invitation.

So, if you're a kid, and don't have a lot of friends, remember you can always get a fat kid to come over if you have the right syrup at your house.

But as an adult who has regularly bought Log Cabin... I was pretty disappointed in this test.

The first taste is a kind of buttery taste, followed by a sweet, maple flavor. Not an overpowering sweet, which is supported by the label showing LC to have the least amount of added sugar.

But then it gets weird. Although it's the thinnest of our contestants, the buttery sweet taste kinda disappears, and you're left with a lingering, flavorless coating in your mouth. I'm not sure how to describe other than having a flavorless, artificial butter feeling to it.

Also, a disappointment, when poured on pancakes, Log Cabin immediately soaks in like pee on a mattress that a fat kid is using when he stays at a friend's house for the syrup and the fat kid's mom (mad) has to come to pick him up in the middle of the night and the poor fat kid is worried all weekend about what the other kids at school will say on Monday.

The fat kid was also sad that he missed the Eggo/Log Cabin breakfast.

The Winner Is.....

Mrs. Buttersworth takes this one. Not only did it's full flavor win the spoon taste test, but it was also the only one of the four syrups whose taste stood out when poured on pancakes.

Mrs. B was also thickest syrup, making it most likely to preserve the structural integrity of your pancakes n' Eggos.

Add to that, it's cheaper than both Aunt Jemima and Log Cabin, and it's an easy choice.

I'd also rank the $1.98 Great Value above Aunt Jemima ($2.44) and

Log Cabin ($2.98), making it a good choice if you're looking to save some money.

Oh, That Goober...!

In a past life, the weekend meant Pancake Saturday! My kids ( my dogs too! ) loved this recipe I found in Aunt Bee's Mayberry Cookbook. It seems Andy's friend, Goober, liked these pancakes so much he once at 57 of 'em!

He so crazy.

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