Today's Battle: PEANUT BUTTER!


This week's battle features four 16 oz peanut butter heavyweights. I put on my haz-mat suit and forged my way to the nearby Walmart and picked up today's contestants. I went with creamy, because everyone knows that anyone with taste likes it best.

Ok, I know it's about a 50/50 split with buyers between creamy and crunchy.

Actually, I like 'em both and it wont be hard to convince myself to do a crunchy death-match in the future.

Anyways, Skippy came in at $2.48, followed by best seller, Jif at $2.22. Peter pan weighed in at $1.94 and Walmart's store brand, Great Value, at a trim $1.58.

Pretty big gap ($1.10) gap between our most and least expensive contenders.

WHAT I SAW...(smelled too)

The first thing I noticed on the that only one of them is a true 16 oz jar, that's Jif.

Peter Pan and Skippy are 16.3 (weird), and Great Value a generous 18 ounces.

When I twist off the lids, Jif, Skippy and GV all look very similar...but Peter Pan is slightly darker, and almost looks like it has speckles of cinnamon in it (it doesn't.)

Peeling back the sticky seal thingy, Jif had the most roasted peanut smell. Skippy and GV had similar smells, good, but not necessarily a peanut-y smell. Best I can do is to describe them as smelling like peanut butter.

Peter Pan smelled like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup...( mmm... definitely a top 5 best candy. No arguments will be entertained.)

Penny Pincher's Peanut Butter...

Great Value is by far the cheapest peanut butter in today's match.

My first thought when I open this jar is mmm... peanut butter! Everything I'd expect in peanut butter. It has good peanut butter flavor... spreads well onto my bread and has a nice creamy feel and taste to it.

I have no complaints. Well, one, I most store brands, the label design sucks. Sorta looks like name tag. I feel I should write my name in that big blank white area.

Choosy Mothers Choose ...

Jif is the reigning sales champ, and that's understandable. It has a bit more overall flavor than the GV, a bit smoother, and I think the way it glides onto a slice of fresh bread made me happier than it should. It has a melt in your mouth quality to it that makes me think it would be amazing on a piece of warm toast.

Skippy Is Good.

Full disclosure: Skippy has been this peanut butter lover's brand of choice for a lot of years. I've always liked how well it went on soft bread, how flavorful it is, it's melty texture and have paid the extra money it costs for those reasons.

In this testing, it doesn't disappoint. It is similar to Jif in texture, but a tad stiffer. (omit off color joke here) It does have a slightly different taste than Jif..I can't say its a better or worse taste, just a different one.

It should also be noted, for people who keep track of this stuff, that Skippy also has bit more sugar than the other three brands.

Peter Pan Flies in to the Ring...

I had read on a website that discusses such things, that Great Value and Peter Pan were made at the same factory, and were the same peanut butter.

Possibly same plant, definitely not the same peanut butter. First clue: the nutrition information is different between the two brands.

Secondly, as soon as you open the jars there is a distinct visual difference, which I mentioned above.

And then there's the taste...Peter Pan is different from the other three. When I first took a bite, it was oddly flavorless, But, then a very peanut-y taste came through. The late arriving flavor was definitely closer to roasted peanuts than the other brands.

It was also the stiffest of the 4 (omit off color joke here) and would be most likely of the group to rough up a slice of fresh bread.

Also worth noting, PP has 20 more calories per serving, but also 1 gram more of protein than the other three.

And The Winner Is.....

Jif gets the decision in this one, narrowly beating out my beloved Skippy. The flavors are slightly different , but I'd say equally delicious. And, since Jif is 10 percent cheaper than Skippy, it will be the one calling me from my pantry from now on.

BUT... Great Value is good peanut butter! And if this is place you'd like to save a little money, you won't be disappointed with the much cheaper Walmart brand.

Easy Overnight Peanut Butter Oatmeal !!!!

I found this recipe on , and its a keeper.

It couldn't be easier, and it's so nice to wake up to a delicious, ready to eat breakfast.

So, because I'm a manly man, I doubled the recipe below...while trying to keep it near my 700 calorie breakfast goal.

Also, because I'm a manly man, I didn't have the chia seeds the original recipe calls for and I did not care.

1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk

(other milks work too..but I like almond, and it has waaay less calories than regular milk)

1/2 cup of oats

( regular ol' oats..not quick )

2 Tbsp peanut butter

(in my doubled version, i used 3 T..not 4. calories!)

1 Tbs maple syrup

( in my doubled version, I didn't double the syrup..went with 1 T syrup and a big teaspoon of Splenda, trying to keep the calories down.( Next time, I'll use all Splenda, no syrup.)

1 cup Fruit

( I used frozen mixed berries from Target. Fresh strawberry season coming here soon..that will make this even better! Also..bananas would be great..who doesn't like PB and Bananas?? )


The original recipes calls for mixing all the ingredients ,except the fruit, in a mason jar for easy portability...makes sense to me.

I did try to mix my peanut butter with a little of the almond milk before I added it, so it wouldn't be one big glop in the middle of my jar. Plan for equal peanut butter distribution was successful.

Place jar in the refrigerator overnight, or at least 6 hrs.

In the morning, top with your fruit of choice..and you're ready to eat!

Nutrition for my manly doubled version- calories: 727 /protein: 14 /carbs: 67 /fat: 29

Bonus footage: The Perfect Lunch!! the perfect lunch consists of three things..

1. pbj sandwich on soft fresh bread (I prefer Wonder) . I'll allow for some leeway on jam choice.

2. Spicy nacho Doritos. There are some other spicy, extra savory chips you could use here...but then it becomes a pretty good lunch...not The Perfect Lunch.

3. Ice cold 2% milk. (tall glass). the key here is ice cold.

TECHNIQUE : Alternate bites of sandwich and chips with sips of delicious cold milk, making sure to save enough milk for a few big satisfying gulps at the end.

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